Hi there folks! I always find myself putting exclamation points at the end of sentences for no apparent reason! Why is this? It’s a compulsion, but more than likely it’s to lessen the impact of a message. I will give you an example:

“Great. I will get that to you by tomorrow.”

Reads fine (Maybe a few grammar mistakes but hey! There I go again!) but seems a bit sterile. That “Great” at the beginning could be interpreted a few different ways as well. Now for the way I normally tend to gravitate towards:

“Great! I will get that to you by tomorrow!”

Reads fine (Again maybe a few grammar mistakes thrown in for good measure, that really gets their attention) but this time there is no way you cannot interpret that “Great!” as anything but enthusiastically, also sounds like I am going to do it quicker! So all in all, for whatever reason, I tend to put too many !!’s in. Is it just me?

Signing off….