What is going on with your blog?

I have always been intrigued with the idea of having a hidden story, a hidden meaning behind something I produce. A game with the audience, essentially. Putting these coded messages, which some of you have decoded, on my website seemed like a good idea. It may have also garnered some more attention onto the website and myself. Writing these messages, it seems, has garnered no further attention and has not, as I had hoped, captured an audience. So I will stop writing them and concentrate on my voice over website. The codes I used are hexadecimal, binary and Base 64. I thought it amusing but as with all things I try and do they garner little, if not no attention. I have been defeated once again. However, I will continue on my search for something I am good at. Thank you to those who have followed along (Hi mum) and who continue to support me.

Et liberati sumus. Vos omnes perdidit. Quod est passcode……….Libertas. RnJlZWRvbQ==

Vos estis prodiderat scribente et subscripta nostra finita captis. Nunc libera me.